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The Modern Teacher

Modern teacher isn’t the one who applies the most modern methods of teaching, or has the most innovative lesson plans. Neither is it the one who wears trendy clothes.

Educational professional of 21st century is simply anyone who understands the principal needs of students, and skills they need to develop in order to be successful in current era, and adjust both their presence and teaching methods accordingly.

  • It is a person who loves their job, and never stops looking for improvement
  • They study new trends and learn from both other teachers and students


Can anyone become a modern teacher?

Yes and no. The change starts in your mind. Are you ready to confront your mistakes? Are you ready to hear the unbiased anonymous feedback form both your students and colleagues, as well as external consultants? And are you willing to learn, and change the way you’ve been doing things for years. If you are willing to do so, then you can become a great teacher and leader for the youngsters.

Nobody is born perfect, and we all wear pink glasses when considering our abilities. To collect the feedback from your students–anonymous one, is a first step towards improvement. The second step is collecting feedback from other educational professionals, those outside of your institution, who observe the lessons and tell you what can you improve. Experts from our team will help you with that.  


A friend, a tutor, a leader

With ever-growing problems we face in our society–plenty of divorces, alcoholism, broken families, isolated people, teacher often needs to overlap their original role, if they really wish to help their students making improvements. If a student lacks love, friendship, if he lack recognition, which he, for one reason or another, doesn’t get at home, he can’t really focus on learning and discovering his mission in the world. He can’t do that, since he lacks basic needs. You can check more on the website of APA to understand the subject of psychological development.


How can Touch 4 Teaching help you?

It may easily happen that your superiors aren’t interested in improving their educational institution. They may be happy with their salaries and how things go. But remember, anyone who stops moving forward is actually moving backwards…. To help teachers who strive for excellence, and want to improve regardless of the place of their employment, we offer a special 4 steps program:

  • First meeting with one of our consultants – we’ll discuss your goals, your feelings about teaching, and make a basic personality profile of you with a help of few simple tests.
  • Participating in classes – our consultant will spend twelve hours with you directly at school, participating in classes, analyzing both your job and reactions of the students.
  • Giving feedback – Based on the report from the initial meeting and the time we spend together in classes, the consultant suggest improvements for you, and a practical way of applying them.
  • Regular phone calls and consultations – Once done, you keep in touch with the consultant, as they are ready to offer you a helping hand and lead you on the process of improvement your teaching.

For more information check our team and contact us. Thank you!

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