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Principal skills to develop in students

With everything we show you and try to improve in Touch 4 Teaching, we aim to develop the following skills in the students of schools (the last and most important part of the chain):

  • Working with information – Ability of induction and deduction, ability to search for information, filter them and apply them further in your studies.
  • Communication skills – With the boom of social media, the communication skills of young generation worsened significantly. People struggle to start new relationships, to sell themselves in the interview, or to simply TALK with a stranger.
  • Humility and empathy – The cold era results in the highest numbers of outsiders in European society. Whether we talk about homeless people, sick people, or people living at the fringes of society, their numbers have never been higher. Add to that the refugee crisis, crisis of religion, and you have a situation hard to orientate with. Once adolescent become adult, they start to face these phenomenon and should be ready to handle it, and to hand a helping hand. Nothing makes one more happy than helping someone….
  • Individuality – We live in the era of role models, most of which are bad. Young people follow their idols, often imitating their bad habits, such as promiscuity, drug taking, alcoholism, tattoos, bad diet, etc. In Touch 4 Teaching we try to set up our programs in a way that they help students to understand their uniqueness, and stop imitating someone else.
  • Reading books – No other generation was forced to process as much information as we are. However, most information the young people process nowadays are just a useless garbage, Facebook statuses, short messages, news without any value. We try to help them rediscover the beauty of reading books, quality books that open new horizons, and help them understand their position in the world.
  • Healthy diet and lifestyle – A healthy mind can’t reside in a sick body. Most young people don’t care about what they eat, and they also have no idea about the benefits and drawbacks of various foods. If we want to form a good society of active people, when we help each other and work together on a greater work, we can’t have the society full of sick people taking drugs every day. Healthy diet and daily physical activity are the fundamental stones for a better society.
  • Handcrafts – We work mostly with our minds, which is all right, but for a good balance we should sometimes learn to turn off and let go. Handcrafts offer an opportunity to do so. Trying to improve their image and showing what they can bring to your life, we help students to rediscover the beauty of handcrafts, and develop as complex personalities.

In Touch 4 Teaching, we can help you to redesign your teaching processes in a way that they will help the students develop those skills. Please contact us for more information.

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