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Our Team

Touch 4 Teaching unites more than twenty consultants residing in six different European countries. Let us introduce our core team.

Alex Lask, Founder

Alex Lask

Alex, founder of Touch 4 Teaching, studied process management in Bristol and education administration at Oxford. He graduated in 2004 and started his career as assistant principal on a high-school  in his home city. He was promoted to principal in four years. However, after vainly trying to see his innovative ideas through, being repeatedly hindered by British bureaucracy and rigidity of local educational system, he decided to quit his career in state education. He started offering consulting services to various private educational institutions, and later, in 2015, established Touch 4 Teaching consultancy.


Marion Faux, Senior Consultant

Marion Faux

Marion earned masters degree in psychology, and started her career as a life coach back in 2005. She worked with professionals from various industries, but later started to specialize on coaching senior teachers, helping them to find balance in their careers and personal lives. She fell in love with the sector of education, and once she got an offer to join Touch 4 Teaching, he didn’t hesitate for a second.

Marion speaks French, English, Spanish and Italian, and often leads the team of consultants while deploying the project in one of many European countries. She’s an avid runner and spends all her free time outdoors.


Mathew Larson, Senior Consultant

Matthew Larson

Mathew spends most of his time in Scandinavian countries, deploying services for Touch 4 Teaching in local high schools. He has twenty plus years of HR and management experience, leading small teams in various companies he either co-owned, or worked for. When forty, Matthew sold all his businesses and decided to devote his time to non-profit and consulting. He believes that education can change the future, and therefore decided to join forces with Touch 4 Teaching. He’s always busy, either working or spending time with his family. His married to Indonesian women and they have two children together, based in Stockholm.


More than twenty other consultants work for us/ co-operate with us in six other countries. We speak English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Polish, and Hungarian. Feel free to contact us to see how we can help you.

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