Introduction of our mission and services

Life is a constant change. The saying gained even more importance in the 21st century, where things and technology develops with a speed of a lighting. European educational systems, however, have been developing with a speed of a snail, or actually not changing at all.

The bureaucracy on the side of governments, and the reluctance to change on the side of older teachers, who still form the majority of staff at schools, led to an unpleasant situation--our students aren’t being prepared for the challenges of the 21st century, and fall short when confronted with their Americans contemporaries. They also struggle when facing the real tasks of life, such a succeeding in an interview and getting a job.


Helping resources for young teachers

Luckily here they have some good options, such as the website that offers great answers to teacher interview questions, but the information is not free, and in an ideal case, young people should leave the school being ready to face the challenge.

After all, what else should be the target of an educational institution if not preparing their pupils for the life that awaits them once they graduate and leave the place for the last time?


Touch 4 Teaching brings change

Are you a principal, or an assistant principal, and do you feel like your students aren’t reaching their potential, or struggle to move forward once they finished their studies? Would you like to change something about the situation?

If that’s a case, our consultancy can help you. Read more about our team, and the principal services we offer to teachers and education administrators. You shouldn’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. It’s obviously easier to follow the same old pattern of teaching you’d been following for years on end, but that won’t make your institution extraordinary. New habits bring new results.


Applying a change one step at a time

At Touch 4 Teaching, we don’t try to rebuild your educational system, and the lesson plans, from scratch. It would be too much of a change to handle even for the best teachers in most educational institution. We rather try to apply small changes, on a continual basis, helping you to transform the process in 4 easy steps. It takes two years in total and at the end of the day, you’ll have a brand new system that will improve the engagement of the students and help them achieve results in real life–which starts just after the school ends.


Individual approach

Each educational institution is different, and we realize it. Therefor our consultants won’t follow the same process all the time, but rather focus on the needs of your educational institution, in four easy steps: 

  • Analyzing the current system of education, strengths and weaknesses
  • Selecting areas for improvement
  • Suggesting a plan of continual changes to achieve the improvement in selected areas
  • Coaching the teachers on how to apply the changes to their daily routines


Please contact us for more information. Thank you!

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